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The Stranger Things season 4 teaser was just released and we’re freaking out

The teaser trailer for season four of Netflix's Stranger Things is here and one thing's for sure...we're not in Hawkins anymore. The clip opens up to a snowy scene of workers building a railroad. The title of the video, "From Russia with Love" gives us a huge clue about the new setting, but new places don't necessarily equal new faces because Hopper is back!

As happy as we are to see our favorite police chief again, how is he even alive? We were sure we saw him explode and disappear at the end of season three. However, now his head is shaved and his infamous mustache is gone.

At the end of the teaser we hear a terrifying scream that sounds way too familiar. The demogorgons appear to be back, which is both exciting and nauseatingly scary. 

The teaser left us with more questions than answers, but luckily the show's creators, Matt and Ross Duffer, dished more intel, saying, "meanwhile, back in the states, a new horror is beginning to surface, something long buried, something that connects everything." 

The fourth season is expected to drop on Netflix later this year—get ready to binge!

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by Olivia Celiberti | 2/18/2020
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