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EXCLUSIVE: Peep these photos from the latest ep of Coop & Cami Ask the World

Calling all Wratherheads!

Now that you've watched yet another hilar ep of Cook & Cami Ask the World today, time to peep these super cool BTS photos. 

On today's ep, "Would You Wrather Have a Beard" — when Charlotte's unexpected bad grade on her report card puts the family trip in jeopardy, Coop and Cami come up with a plan to hide their sister's grade from their mom. The plan: Coop disguised as Charlotte's fake teacher Mr. McNickels!

Meanwhile, Fred tries to help Ollie deal with a kid who's being mean to him and winds up getting a date with the boy's sister Neve. ICYMI: Trinitee Stokes (Quizney and K.C. Undercover) guest starred as Neve. Click through the photos before for all the action. 

PS: take a peek at these too-cute pics from Bizaardvark, too! Honestly Paige and Frankie are #BFFgoals. And if you missed the episodes, you can catch 'em on the DisneyNow app.

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  • 150112_0630.jpg

    When Fred is busted by his date Neve, played by Quizney host and K.C. Undercover alum Trinitee Stokes.

  • 150112_0768.jpg

    We love a cute behind-the-scenes cast snap!

  • 150112_0945.jpg

    When Coop and Cami's mom insists on seeing Coop and Mr. NcNickels in the same room, they disguise Fred as Mr. McNickels. What a true friend. 

  • 150112_1054.jpg

    Charlotte (Olivia Sanabia) can't hold it together and is about to crack from the pressure!

  • img-6385.jpg

    We can't stop LOLing at this never-before-seen pic of Dakota in his prosthetic makeup. OMG.

  • coopandcami_113_coop_in_teacher_disguise_1.jpg

    Honestly? Dakota kind of pulls off this lewk!

  • 149621_5925.jpg

    All our Bizaardvark faves! In the latest ep: When Bernie and Zane want Paige and Frankie to give them feedback on their magic tricks, the girls have a difference of opinion on the best way to handle the situation –  be supportive and encouraging or tell the boys the truth and crush their dreams. The besties decide to put their opposing views to the test to see which one is right about life!

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by GL | 2/23/2019
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