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Sabrina Carpenter is unrecognizable in her new role

Fact: Sabrina Carpenter is a pop music queen. 

From "Almost Love" to "Thumbs," we heart every one of Sab's songs. But there's one track of hers you haven't heard yet, and you can only hear it on Disney Junior's Mickey and the Roadster Racers.

On tomorrow's episode of the show, Sabrina sings a special duet with Minnie Mouse herself when she guest stars as pop star Nina Glitter. Minnie and Daisy—aka the Happy Helpers—are hired to get Nina to her show on time. Uhm, sounds downright adorable if you ask us.

Your move? Grab your little sib and plant it in front of the TV to watch the ep when it airs tomorrow, Aug. 24.

What's you fave Sabrina songs? What's your fave way to spend time with your sibs? Sound off below!

by GL | 8/23/2018
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