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Meet *all* the amaze performers at GL's Back-to-School Fashion Bash (starring Annie LeBlanc!)

Summer just got *so* much sweeter! Why? Because we just dropped the deets on GL's Back-to-School Fashion Bash 2018, our free music and fashion festival starring Annie LeBlanc, and featuring Jet Jurgensmeyer, Caroline Grace, Macy Martin and Sage Charmaine!  

Before you grab your tickets and rock out with your besties on July 26 at Rams Head Live! in Baltimore, Md.—and snag free swag, rock a makeover and kick it with our special surprise guest—you've gotta get to know these awe-worthy performers a bit better. 

Chances are you know Annie from, like, every social media platform on the interwebs: The 14-year-old is a YouTuber, a Muser and just hit 6 million followers on Instagram. Essentially, she's grown up online—and we've loved watching every second of it, like when her most-recent release, "Picture This," hit over 1 million views in just 24 hours. Amazing, right?! But did you know...

1. She's currently starring in not one, not two, but *three* shows: A Girl Named Jo, Chicken Girls and We Are Savvy. Not to mention, she's a mainstay in her family's vlogs on their YouTube channel, Bratayley.

2. Her fab family is made up of her mom, her dad, her little sis, Hayley, and three pretty pups: Piper, Winnie and GG. 

3. She was nominated for a Shorty Award this year for Muser of the Year, where she has 13.4 million fans. And last year? She was even named on Forbes' 2017 list of Top Influential Kids. NBD.

Press play on "Picture This" below.

After premiering Jet Jurgensmeyer's latest track, "Just Another Moment Away," earlier this year, we can't get enough of this cutie—and we can't wait for him to perform the sweet song at Fashion Bash. But did you know...

1. He starred in Disney Channel's Original Movie Adventures In Babysitting alongside Sabrina Carpenter and Sofia Carson, and has even acted in an episode of Black-ish.

2. He's a major sports fan, and is totally into football and basketball. His fave teams? It's a toss up between the Missouri Tigers and Belmont Bruins. 

3. He once acted with an actual monkey in Nickelodeon's Legends of the Hidden Temple, and the pair may or may not have become BFFs.

Listen to "Just Another Moment Away."

After studying English at the University of Southern California, Caroline Grace is taking on music full-time in whatever genre she feels like—whether that's pop, indie or even a little bit of R&B, like her single "Move Alone." But did you know...

1. She works with Justin Bieber's longtime collaborator Jason "Poo Bear" Boyd, who had hands on "Where Are Ü Now" and "What Do You Mean?"

2. You might actually know her dad! He's legendary Off-Road Racer Carl Renezeder, which means Caroline is no stranger to the spotlight.

3. She's releasing an EP, Tell Me How You Really Feel, later this year—and we can't *wait* for it.

For a taste of her talent, listen to "Move Alone."

If Macy looks familiar, it's because this country girl and college student has been dropping hit after hit over the past few years, including the honest "Broke Down" and the magical "Back To Reality." And rumor has it that she's releasing another smash this summer! But did you know...

1. Macy is a Southern girl through and through: She's from Texas, she hearts country music and she was even discovered by one of Dolly Parton's producers.

2. She has a nonprofit, Macy’s Toy Box, which collects new and gently used toys for underprivileged children—and she started it when she was in just second grade. We love a charitable girl!

3. She counts country queens Martina McBride, Alison Kraussand and Carrie  Underwood among her favorite artists and influences.

Listen to Macy's "Broke Down" below.

Honesty hour: Sage Charmaine's songs are sharp and sweet all at the same time—and we love 'em. All around the 15-year-old just slays. And we would know—we premiered her adorable video for "June" just last month. But did you know...

1. She's all about girl power. “I would consider myself a feminist, and I definitely believe women deserve the same rights as men," Sage says. "In 2018, we've come a long way, but I really hope there will be more cool opportunities for women in the [music] industry."

2. She's been writing songs since she was just 9 years old. Did someone say music prodigy?!

3. "June" might be an amazing love song, but she actually isn't really fond of making them. "I don’t like writing love songs because everyone writes them," Sage admits, "but I made 'June' into something that I truly believed in, rather than just the basic love song you’re used to hearing." Haven't heard it—yet? Press play below.

Join us at Rams Head Live! in Baltimore, Md. on Thursday, July 26 from 2-5 p.m. for fab music, fun fashion and freebies galore! Get all the info you need HERE.

by GL | 7/21/2018
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