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Check out the new issue of Girls' Life starring Bailee Madison!

Our February/March issue starts hitting mailboxes and newsstands on January 10! Here's a peek at what you'll find inside...

EXCLUSIVE! In our interview, the multi-talented Bailee Madison (she acts! She writes! She produces!) gets real about confidence-shattering writing sessions, designing the clothing line of her dreams and the very moment she fell in love with her boyfriend, YouTube creator Alex Lange.


OMG this is amazing.
Go well beyond groundbreaking and transform your closet into a secret garden complete with rose-printed bodysuits, enchanting lace and blooming beauty ideas.

Best foot forward
Thought socks and sandals were a no-no? Think again. Meet the cozy crews that'll take your shoe game to the next level. You can thank us later.

Mad about Marley
Marley Dias has vision—and we don't just mean her stylish specs (she has nine pairs!). The activist schools us in finding empowerment through fashion—and trust us, you'll want to take notes.

Watch. Listen. Read. Love.
Camila Cabello gets emotional, Jacob Sartorius shares his cheesy side, Zombies star Meg Donnelly spills her shower karaoke songlist and Alex Aiono talks tour. Plus, get to know the totally fierce girls you should cheer on at this year's Olympic Games. 

Bright knights
Lilimar and Daniella Perkins, stars of Nickelodeon's Knight Squad, dazzle in spring's boldest beauty trends. Graphic eyes and colorful cheeks? Yes, please!

Ultimate spring beauty dish
Sheet masks? Bubble baths? Here's what self-care really looks like—and how your beauty routine can lead to bliss. PLUS: Garden-inspired beauty musts and how to look like that glowy Instagram filter you love (u kno the one!).

+ Does he like you? One day he's asking you to run lines, the next he's shy and stammering. We're not mind readers...but here are the clues he's crushing.
+ Are you a serial BFF? Are you a one-girl gal or at the center of a sprawling girl gang? Find out if your friendship trends are on track.
+ Is it really over? How to tell if your breakup is really a "fake-up" and if you should make up, plain and simple.
+ Are you too hard on yourself? The pressure to be perfect is real. Find out if you're your own worst critic.
+ How fit are you? You try to take the stairs and pop a gummy vitamin, but are you *actually* healthy?

The new dating dictionary
Like Duolingo for dating jargon—so you don't end up mooned. (Pssst: Not what you think it means!)

14 ways to love yourself
No bae? No problem. Be your own Valentine—on V-Day and *every* day with these little treats.

Get inspired by these teen entrepreneurs
The Bercaw sisters turned a small startup into bubbling multi-million dollar business—all before graduation.

Screen time
These YouTube qweens get crafty with sweet gifts and even sweeter treats. The Sorry Girls and Rosanna Pansino show you how it's done (literally!).

Get *lit* with Chloe Lukasiak
Join Chloe and Girls' Life for a brillant new book club—where we analyze (and obsess over!) one rad read *every* month. Join in when you want, how you want: Follow along online, recruit your crew for IRL events and share your thoughts on social media. Want to join? Go HERE for all the deets!

How to repair your rep, become better at your hair, survive the loss of a lifetime, be more assertive and slay your year. AND: the best Valentine's Day gift guide of all time.

The free stuff you *know* you want...

Things we heart
Sure, you could enter a beauty giveaway to score a strand-saving new shampoo. You could definitely enter a crafting giveaway to win the latest DIY essential. And, yeah, you could also enter a gaming giveaway to grab your next must-make-it-to-the-next-level addiction. …Or, you could to enter THIS giveaway for a chance to win all three things at once! 

Books we're crushing on
Cozy blankets…lavender hot chocolate…nameplate necklaces…Ed Sheeran. The list of things we’re crushing on this season is LONG—but topping it, as always, is our heart-worthy round-up of rad new reads. Want to win them all? Go HERE.

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Page 31: So, uh, what in the world is face rolling? You'll be a pro in no time with THIS tutorial.
Page 73: Design your dream dress in a cinch with THESE instructions.
Pages 78 and 79: To get your hands on your keychain and neon sign templates from The Sorry Girls *and* their adorbs dino planter DIY, go HERE.
Page 80: Want to win a bunch of sweet baking swag from Rosanna Pansino and make your own Nerdy Nummies? Go HERE.

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by GL | 1/11/2018
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