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Beyonce is starring in The Lion King remake and we have NO CHILL

ICYMI: The cast of The Lion King remake was announced yesterday—and it's fire. The most exciting cast member? None other than Beyoncé.

Yes, the queen of the hive is going to play Nala in the summer 2019 reimagining of the movie that originally came out in 1994. Nala is Simba's bestie and wife, and this time around Simba will be portrayed by  Donald Glover (rapper Childish Gambino). Can you think of anyone better for these roles?! No!

When they announced the news, we tried to act like it was NBD

But then it hit us that Queen Bey was actually going to be voicing one of the most iconic characters ever...

...and our minds were blown.

How do we even compute such amazingness?

Oh, right, by doing a celebratory dance (or five).

Honestly, try to stop us.

OK, but seriously, this is us until summer 2019:

Also cast in the Disney remake? John Oliver as Zazu, Seth Rogen as Pumbaa and more (check out the full cast here).

What do you think of this cast list? Are you excited for Beyoncé to rock is as Nala? Sound off below!


by Sydney Adamson | 11/3/2017
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