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#NewMusicMonday: Check out Echosmith's new EP

Fall is officially here. As the weather starts getting colder and homework seems like it's piling up, you might be looking for some new songs to help you re-energize. We've got you covered. Here are new music releases from Echosmith, the Aces, Bea Miller, Why Don't We and Cody Simpson & The Tide that will add something different to your playlist.


Echosmith's Inside a Dream EP 
We still listen to "Cool Kids" and "Bright" on repeat, but Echosmith just released a new EP with seven inspiring songs, including "18" and "Future Me." Echosmith also *just* released the official video for "Get Into My Car," another song from the offering. This EP will give you all the feels. 

 The Aces' "Stuck" remix
This awesome girl group released its I Don't Like Being Honest EP in July. Now, the group has released the fun and energetic RAC mix of "Stuck." If you want to feel empowered, check out this song.

Bea Miller's "Brand New Eyes" video 
"Brand New Eyes," from the original motion picture WONDERis full of emotion and inspiration. The new video shows Bea Miller and clips from the movie (out Nov. 17). This song is great for when you're feeling down or discouraged. 

 Why Don't We's Invitation EP
This pop quintet just released a new EP full of catchy songs that you'll catch yourself singing along to. One of the songs, "Turn It Off," is about paying attention to the person you're with instead of constantly being on your phone—talk about relatable! The EP also features a of songs, like the slow, smooth "Words I Didn't Say." 

Cody Simpson & The Tide's Wave One EP 

This EP will totally take you back to summer. As you're doing your homework on a cold day, Wave One will remind you of calm days on the beach. Songs like "Waiting For The Tide" are super relaxing, so this is a great EP to listen to during the middle of the semester when you seem to be getting busier and busier. 

What new music have you been listening to lately? Let us know in the comments. 

by Paige Sheffield | 10/2/2017
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