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You probably missed these messages hidden in Taylor Swift's "...Ready For It?"

That Taylor surprise face? Yeah, we basically made the same one when she surprise-released "...Ready For It" on Saturday night.

The singer first shared the song, which is the second release from her upcoming album, reputation, on ESPN, and we've been rocking to it ever since! It's filled with witty puns and funny lines—but did you notice the hidden message in these lyrics? Peep these secrets below!

1. "Wonder how many girls he had loved and left haunted / But if he’s a ghost then / I can be a phantom." OK, did you notice this subtle word play? In this line, Taylor considers the romantic past of her current boyf (she's said to be dating Joe Alwyn), wondering if he's the type not to make a clean break at the end of a relationship. But she soon enough decides that the amount of people someone has dated in the past just doesn't really matter, and is willing to join the ranks of his ghosts and phantoms. So clever!

2. "Stealing hearts and running off and never saying sorry / But if I’m a thief then / He can join the heist." We *love* when Tay breaks the fourth wall and lets us know that she's in on the joke. You know, the one where the majority of the public put her down simply for dating. 

3. "Burton to this Taylor." It's been rumoured that, in this line, Taylor is referencing actor Richard Burton and actress Elizabeth Taylor. Like Taylor, the late actress had several highly-publicized relationships and splits, one of which was with (and from) Richard Burton. 

4. "Every lover known in comparison is a failure." This is a *true* mic drop moment. Here, Tay is calling out all of her exes, saying that Joe is better than all of them. We bet you didn't notice this diss!

Listen below:

What do you think of the reputation era so far? Are you digging this new song? Sound off below!

by Sydney Adamson | 9/4/2017
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