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Sofia Carson's "Ins and Outs" video is serious magic

All hail Sofia Carson!

The Descendants 2 star just released the music video for her new song "Ins and Outs" and it's sweeter than sugar. The track, which Sofia released just last week, is about wanting to know eveything about your BF or GF—even the bad stuff. Because relationships are built on trust and honesty, ya know? 

In the video, Sofia and her boy galavant around a city, hitting up an arcade, running through the subway and slowdancing on a rooftop. Ugh, so cute!

Also cute? Sofia's super sparkly video looks. We can't get enough of her matchy-matchy gold blazer and shorts—and that black crop top with the metal-plated sleeves? Gimme!

Watch "Ins and Outs" below:

Photo credit: Hollywood Records

by Sydney Adamson | 8/31/2017
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