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The new season of Guidance will leave you shook

Hitting the halls for the first time since spring is a shock to the system, but even more so if you're a student at Guidance's Shawnee High and just found out that one of your classmates was involved in a fatal car accident.

Even worse? Being Faith, the twin sister of Grace, the student who was killed in the crash. After the tragedy, the school is thrown into mourning with everyone pointing fingers at each other, and Faith and the school's guidance counselor ending up in the thick of it all.

Sounds intense, right? That's exactly what happens on season three of the AwesomenessTV's show, where Dianne Doan portrays both Faith and Grace. You'll know Dianne as the ever-loyal Lonnie from Descendants and Descendants 2 on Disney Channel, but with her roles on Guidance, she's delving into something much darker—something she's nervous for the Descendants fans to see.

"I still am a little bit nervous about how it’s going to be perceived just because it is a night and day difference [from Descendants]," Dianne admits. "It deals with death and it deals with a lot of high school drama that we didn’t see in Descendants."

But at the same time, that's what pulled D into the role. "Getting to that point of what led to Grace's death—I can’t say exactly what, I can’t spoil it!—and filming the actual scene, it was an out of body experience," Dianne says. "I’m really excited to showcase this side of me and my acting."

Check out the trailer for season three:

Guidance season three premiered yesterday on go90 (a free online and mobile entertainment destination that's part of Verizon) with three new episodes. You can catch new episodes every single day (yaasssss!) on go90's website.

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by Sydney Adamson | 8/29/2017
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