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Will there be a Princess Diaries 3?

Multiple sources confirm that it's a definite possibility! 

Author Meg Cabot, who wrote The Princess Diaries series which inspired the films, told Entertainment Weekly that a script has already been written.

The director of the first two films, Garry Marshall, who passed away last year, wanted to make a third movie and have it set in New York City, according to an interview with People magazine. In her same interview with Entertainment Weekly, Cabot stated that the third film would be a tribute to Marshall.

Some of the cast members from the first two movies have even come forward and said that they would be thrilled to star in another sequel, including Julie Andrews, Chris Pine, Heather Matarazzo who plays Lily Moscovitz (Mia’s BFF!), and of course, Anne Hathaway!

If you haven’t seen The Princess Diaries and or The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement, you *must* check them out! Both movies explore the life of Mia Thermopolis, played by Anne, who appears to be a normal high schooler until she finds out just before her 16th birthday that she is actually a princess—and will one day become the queen of the European kingdom Genovia. Mia still deals with school crushes, bullying and everything else that comes with being a high schooler—all while learning the ins and outs of becoming a princess and ruling a kingdom. Mia grows from a shy, awkward girl into an extremely confident and powerful young woman with the help of her friends and her grandmother who is the queen of Genovia and played by Julie. Without spoiling anything, Chris also has a major role in the second movie as Mia's love interest, but you'll have to watch and see how that turns out!

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by Frannie Rooney | 8/1/2017
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