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We bet you forgot these important Pretty Little Liars deets...

Even the most dedicated members of the #PLLArmy are guilty of forgetting facts and characters that end up being super important later on in the show. With the series finale airing *tomorrow*, we’ve come up with a full guide to all things PLL that probably slipped your mind.

Wren is still lurking around somewhere
Wren is very much alive and has so much potential to turn everyone’s lives upside down. For such a prominent character in the earlier seasons, he’s been kind of irrelevant lately. But that doesn’t mean the writers have forgotten him!

Paige tried to drown Emily
Paige and Emily’s relationship is complicated. When someone tries to drown someone else, they typically don’t engage in years of an on-again, off-again relationship. Paige isn’t the perfect person she makes herself out to be.

Holden exists
Remember that sad time when Ezria wasn't a thing and Aria dated Holden? He seemed so important since he got Emily to the place where Maya was last seen before she died, but then he literally disappeared.

The N.A.T. club
Yeah, that was a thing. Jason, Ian, Thomas and Garrett were in a weird organization where they spent time filming local teenage girls without their knowledge. However, nothing was ever explained about what the group actually was. 

No one’s brought it up for a while, but since there was an entire spinoff show about one location, we’re guessing it’s important.

Jenna can see
Aria figured out that Jenna was faking being blind. That seems like a lot of work and kind of a huge deal, especially since we all know about the "Jenna Thing."

Aria killed Shana
Literally everyone gets away with murder on this show. Clearly, the police are slacking off...

The moms got stuck in the basement that one time
But in the next episode they were free and no one knows how they escaped. Weird...

Will you be tuning into the PLL finale tomorrow on Freeform? We will! Let us know what you think about the show in the comments!

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by Aly Prouty | 6/26/2017
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