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Watch: Our 5 fave moments from Ed's new "Galway Girl" vid!

Ever since the release of his third album, ÷, in March, Ed Sheeran fans have been waiting to see exactly who his "Galway Girl" would be. As of yesterday, the wait is over and Oscar-nominated actress Saoirse Ronan shines as the star of his brand new video for the track. What's coolest about the vid, though? Ed filmed all of it himself in actual Galway! Check it out below, then read on for our fave moments.

Our 5 fave moments from the "Galway Girl" vid:

When Ed meets his Galway girl
At a pub in Galway, Ed spots Saoirse for the first time and tries to buy her a drink and when she disappears, he goes looking for her. Eventually, she pops up right in front of him and the two dance their way through the bar.

When Ed pins a stranger with a dart
Ed and Saoirse move to the dartboards where they play a friendly game until Ed accidentally throws a dart into someone's back! Saoirse saves the day as she takes the dart out of his back, but they both make a getaway from the pub to be safe.

When Ed is bombarded by his adoring fans
It's no surprise Ed was recognized while he was galivanting through the streets of Galway at night filiming. Him and Saoirse even happened upon a group of dancers and of *course* he was kind enough to autograph a few things for them!

When Ed gets an *actual* tattoo!
We all know Ed has an obsession with tattoos, and in the video he even gets one in Saoirse's handwriting  😱  Ed wanted the words to be Galway Girl, but instead she wrote Galway Grill and once Ed saw it he loved it even more. 

When Sosarie takes care of Ed
Ed spills drinks on the same guy he hit with a dart, and he knocks Ed out *cold*. But like the true sweetie that she is, Soairse gets him home safe and sound. She wakes him up just so they can watch the sunrise together, too. So adorable!

What do you think about Ed Sheeran's new music video? Let us know in the comments below! 

Photo credit: Greg Williams

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by Cali Drouillard | 5/5/2017