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EXCLUSIVE: K.C. goes rogue on tonight's season two finale

What’s your definition of a life or death situation? Because on tonight's episode of K.C. Undercover, Marissa's and K.C.’s definitions are vastly different. 

Marissa's dire sitch is ensuring she watches the finale of her fave show with her bestie. K.C.'s, however, is flying a helicopter with her evil cousin Abby on a mission to save her fam from the evil Other Side. So, yeah, very different definitions. 

Watch K.C. and Marissa’s hilarious phone call in the exclusive clip from tonight's season finale below:

It’s safe to say that K.C. is a little (OK, more like a *lot*!) stressed than Marissa. Not only is her family in serious trouble, but she's also in danger of going to jail for going rogue. Find out K.C. and her fam's fate tonight at 7 p.m. on Disney Channel. Because, in the words of Marissa, “seriously, it’s the finale!”

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Photo credit: Disney Channel/ Tony Rivetti


by Maddie Smith | 1/13/2017