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WATCH: K.C. goes a *li'l* cray-cray on tonight's K.C. Undercover

Ever feel like you're losing it? Maybe you've got that déjà vu feeling, or possibly you've watched one too many Mandela Effect videos (we know we have...). On tonight's episode of K.C. Undercover, K.C.'s bestie think she's exactly that—losing it—when she claims to see her evil cousin Abby, an enemy agent she eliminated. Watch K.C. possibly/maybe/kinda discover her cousin below:

While K.C. is going cray-cray, the Coopers go undercover in a biker club to find Richard, the head of The Other Side, and—well, you'll just have watch to find out what happens! It's an action-packed episode you won't want to miss, so catch it when it airs on Disney Channel tonight at 7:30 p.m.

What's your fave K.C. Undercover moment? Share in the comments below!

Photo credit: Disney Channel/Kelsey McNeal

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by Sydney Adamson | 1/6/2017