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The best gifts that 2015 gave us

This past year has been full of gifts—and some of them were seriously awesome.

Whether they were long-awaited or a total surprise, there've been so many amazing songs, shows, albums, movies, moments and tours that we can't even count them.

We did, however, manage to make a list that includes 9 of the best presents that this year has given us. Check it out.


Agent Carter

Premiering January 6th, this show finally gave us the Peggy Carter follow-up we've been asking for since we first saw Captain America.


K.C. Undercover

Zendaya made her return to TV January 18th and gave us another kick butt spy sister. Z's new show has both the laughs and the action—and we'd so ready for more.


Rydel: Rock Your Life and Sometime Last Night

R5 didn't just give us a new tour June 30th and album July 10th, Rydel also shared her ultimate lifestyle guide for everything you need to know about making your life rock.


Disney's Descendants

Later that month, Disney released one of their most memorable DCOMs in recent years telling the story of what happened after all those classic happy endings.



In October, we got the female superhero story we've been dreaming of. Supergirl is strong and smart—and so is Kara, the girl underneath the cape.



After Justin Bieber's last few years, we never imagined that he'd have such an incredible comeback. But when his new album dropped on November 13th, we knew he was done playing around.



November 20th gave us a new Adele album, including "Hello" which we haven't been able to get out of our heads for the last month straight. Need we say more?


The Wiz: Live!

Following in the footsteps of The Sound of Music and Peter Pan, NBC delivered us our third live musical on December 3rd, and it was better than we ever dreamed.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The best gift of all just might have been the new Star Wars movie. Not only did it build on the story we've been watching since we were kids (and our parents have been watching since they were kids), it also—spoiler alert!—gave us one seriously amazing jedi. We can't wait to see what comes next.

What were your favorite movies, TV shows, movies and more of 2015? Tell us in the comments.

Photos credit: Agent Carter, Disney Channel, Rydel Lynch, Supergirl, Justin Bieber, Adele, Shanice Williams, Star Wars

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by Chelsea Duff | 2/1/2016