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Brec Bassinger shines as Bella in this sweet and sporty new show from Nickelodeon

We’ve got football fever, and it’s not just because we’re sneaking up on Superbowl season. Bella’s to blame—Bella and the Bulldogs, actually. Premiering on Nickelodeon on Saturday, January 17, the show stars newcomer Brec Bassinger as bubbly cheerleader Bella, who decides to switch from her cheer squad to the other side—as in, the boys’ football team!

We heart Bella and her killer confidence as the Bulldog’s new quarterback, but the switch takes some by surprise—like her cheerleader BFF Sophie and her mom, Carrie (who can’t tell a tackle from a touchdown).

Another twist in the game? The team (and especially former QB, Troy) aren’t exactly thrilled to have a rookie joining their ranks—and they’re determined to show Bella just how hard she’ll have to work to hang with the boys. 

Brec shines as Bella, showing she’s a force to be reckoned with on and off the field. IRL, she’s a hilarious, fun-loving Texas native with big dreams. When she’s not acting or hanging out with her co-stars (like the insanely adorable Coy Stewart, featured in GL’s December/January 2015 issue), Brec’s snapping selfies, shopping and dreaming up sketch comedy skits. 

We can’t wait to see what this kick-off season has in store for Brec and the rest of her cutie castmates. Meet the characters below, CLICK HERE to tour the Bella and the Bulldogs set, then tune into Nickelodeon for the premiere on Saturday, January 17 at 8pm.

Would you trade your pom-poms for pigskin…and are you going to cheer on Bella during the series premiere? Tell us in the comments! 


  • bella.jpg

    Bella Dawson is a smart, confident and optimistic teenage girl with a great arm and a love for all things football. She’s also the Bulldogs’ newest quarterback! Making the team is a dream come true for Bella, and although she can hang with the boys, deep down she’s still a girl’s girl.

  • sofie.jpg

    Sophie is Bella's cheerleading, no-nonsense BFF. She's got a short fuse, but growing up with nine brothers will do that to you. Yes, you read that correctly. NINE. She's a straight shooter, loyal friend and Bella's adviser on all things boy-related!

  • troy.jpg

    Troy was the Bulldogs' starting quarterback, until Bella joined the team. But he's not bitter! No way. Sure, he's got a big ego and he sometimes he pulls a prank or two on Bella and her friends, but it's not like he's threatened by her or anything! Okay, he totally is. Troy likes to play by his own rules, but deep down his heart is in the right place.

  • pepper.jpg

    Pepper is Bella's overly-caffeinated bestie. Her unlimited energy comes in handy on the cheer squad, but sometimes she can be a little... overwhelming. Pepper is prone to panic attacks thanks to her overthinking tendencies, but she'll always have Bella's back (even if she has to hyperventilate first)!

  • newt.jpg

    Sawyer is a modern day cowboy and the Bulldogs' resident Texas expert. A 'Tex-pert', if you will. He loves ranch life and he's always ready to help his friends out with a wise piece of advice, even though his country sayings don't always make sense.

  • sawyer.jpg

    Newt, as his name suggests, isn't very big. Why did he join the Bulldogs? Well, his dad made him. But he makes up for his lack of brawn with brain. Because he's a people pleaser at heart, Newt does not like to rock the boat. He's loyal to his boys, but he recognizes Bella's talent... But don't tell anyone he said that.

  • mc.jpg

    Ace McFumbles is the fast-talking reporter for the school TV station. He's always looking for the next juicy scoop. Nothing is off limits for this (future) award-winning journalist! Ace is married to the news and you'll never see him without a mic in his hand or a fake mustache on his face.

  • mom.jpg

    Carrie Dawson is Bella's funny, smart, and caring mother. Although she knows very little about football (or sports in general), she'll support her daughter Bella all the way to the end zone.

  • coach.jpg

    Coach Russell knows talent when he sees it. That's why he made Bella the new QB of the Bulldogs! Like any great coach, he loves to win. But at the end of the day, he just wants his team to get along!

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by GL | 2/1/2016