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Host the best ever awards show season party

With the ushering of a new year comes many things. One in particular? January and February bring us are our fave awards shows. We drooled over the fashion at the Golden Globes, and we’re totes excited for the SAG Awards (Jan. 27), the Grammy’s (Feb. 10), and the Academy Awards (Feb. 24).

As any awards show lover knows, the best way to celebrate your fave event is to enjoy it with fellow fans! So put on your most paparazzi-worthy piece and get ready to host the best awards show party ever with these tips.


Please RSVP by…

To kick things off and spread the word, mail out regal invitations or a super-chic E-vite. Make sure to include time, place, and a dress code if you want one. You could either have friends get all dolled-up or leave it casual. The choice is yours!


Star-worthy accommodations

You’re going to want to make your guests feel like they’re at the actual awards show, so don’t be afraid to go all out. Roll a mini red carpet out in your house to get the star-worthy vibe. And make sure to provide ample space and comfy seating in your viewing room. After all, watching the night’s big event will be the biggest part of the party.


Party fuel

To make sure your guests have enough energy to get through the night, provide plenty of easy-to-eat munchies. Think appetizers and bite-size pieces so no one will be distracted from the amazing fashions and heart-warming acceptance speeches.


And the award goes to…

Hand out homemade ballots to your guests and see who can pick the most winners from the nominations. Sweeten the deal by offering a fun party favor (like golden chocolate coins) to the winner. It’s the perfect way to get interactive with the show, and your competitive friends will totally be on board. Make sure to keep things fun and relaxed by not making any party game mandatory, though. People will enjoy themselves way more if they have choices.


Fashion Police

Though the show hosted by Joan Rivers always has awards show editions, beat her and the “Joan Rangers” to the punch by staying up after the show and dishing about your fave fashions of the night. You could even go online to look at pics while nominating your own best—and worst—dressed. Recapping is the best way to end this party on a good note, and keep your guests chatting for days about all the fun they had. Score!


Do you watch awards shows? Which is your favorite? Blog about it, babes.

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by Katie Lemon | 2/1/2016