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Kamala Harris just cured your fear of public speaking with a brilliant Titanic reference

We've all been there: standing at the front of a classroom or auditorium, staring out into a room full of expectant faces, shaking slightly as we mumble our way through a speech. (Cue my bright red face.)

But public speaking shouldn't be scary or intimidating — just ask 2020 presidential candidate and California state senator Kamala Harris.

During a speaking engagement at Keene State College yesterday, Kamala was approached by a group of girls with a *very* important question.

"You're a good public speaker," one young woman asks. "How are you so good?"

And then Kamala drops some truly profound advice that you can apply to every future public speaking situation you'll ever find yourself in — whether it's a class presentation or important audition or your candidacy speech in a school election.

"I can tell you," Kamala shares. "So when you're standing up to speak, remember that it's not about you. Have you learned about the Titanic?"

The young woman says she knows about the Titanic but has not seen the movie — which is a shame (because I give it a 10/10 if you ever need a good cry), but let's move on.

Kamala continues. "So if you were on the Titanic, right...and you know the ship is about to sink...and you're the only one who knows...are you going to worry about how you look and how you sound? No, because the thing that's most important is that everyone knows what you know."

Basically, she's saying that the information you're holding inside your head is so much bigger than any anxiousness or self-consciousness or even legit fear that you might have. Your audience doesn't care what you're wearing or whether your voice is a little shaky or if your hair is a little flat that day: They just care about getting the information they need and you have a duty to deliver it.

I'm looking forward to more of Kamala's speeches — and I'll definitely be taking notes.

by Kelsey Haywood Lucas | 4/24/2019
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