EXCLUSIVE! Actress Georgia MacPhail transports us out west in her new movie Horizon: An American Saga

It might be an understatement to say that exciting things are on the ~horizon~ for Georgia MacPhail. To start, this L.A.-based star knows a thing or two about what it's like working on a blockbuster set (plus a good bit about songwriting, too!).

Her new movie—the epic Western flick, Horizon: An American Saga—premiered just last week. And when Georgia's not sharing the silver screen with ultra-experienced actors, she loves basketball, making silly TikToks and, ya know, normal teenage girl stuff. 

We sat down with Georgia to chat about traveling back in time to the Wild West, kickstarting a possible music career and So. Much. More. 

Girls' Life: Can you tell us a bit about Horizon and your character, Elizabeth Kittredge?

Georgia MacPhail: Horizon is a beautiful-yet-tragic tale. It's about how people were traveling west in the 1860s and faced a lot of brutality. They thought that the grass was always greener [on the other side] but didn't know what people were facing.

Elizabeth is only twelve in the movie. She starts as this sassy, precocious, innocent girl, but as time goes on and she's faced with this tragedy, she has to defend herself, her family and her mom. 

GL: Are there of Elizabeth's traits that you relate to or see in yourself?

Georgia: She's such a strong person and so mature. I really would like to be like her in the future. She's really determined and has such a strong will. She can fight for what she believes in. All of those are amazing traits.

GL: What has been your favorite part of the filming experience?

Georgia: I think it was filming in such a beautiful place. Moab [Utah] was absolutely stunning, from the national parks to the adorable little town. I've never seen a place like it! There was such a home-y feeling there and I felt so connected to the town at the end of filming.

GL: OK, totally want to visit there now! Do you have any actors that inspire you?

Georgia: From the movie, Sienna [Miller] was amazing, and I learned so much from her. I also really love Emily Blunt. I love how in her movies, she can do something really dramatic to something really funny. I'd love to be able to do both of those one day.

GL: You have another film, Roswell Delirium, coming out soon! Can you share any deets about that?

Georgia: Roswell Delirium is a sci-fi movie set in the 1980s. We got to wear all these fun retro clothes, like scrunchies! I was working with so many kids on set, which is something I didn't have with Horizon. With all the kids, we were always having fun and making TikToks. I had all these best friends on set!

GL: I'm sure you have so many fun TikToks and pics from behind the scenes.

Georgia: Totally! I'm waiting until the movie comes out so I can post all of them!

GL: We've heard you also enjoy writing your own songs—any future plans for releasing music?

Georgia: I have a bunch of finished and unfinished songs. I'm trying to get some together to make an album and record it, and maybe one day release it. Time will tell. I'd love to get some songs out there when I feel ready.

GL: Any other exciting events coming up in the future?

Georgia: I have a few things coming up that are different than anything I've ever done before. I can't say too much right now, but I'm really excited to share them with everyone when I can!

Catch Georgia in Horizon: An American Saga in theaters now! 

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by Sophie LaBella | 7/1/2024