Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce spotted kissing after Buenos Aires Eras Tour show

Swifties, you might wanna sit down for this one: We're pretty sure that Travis Kelce has stolen our girl's heart.

Taylor Swift and the Kansas City Chiefs tight end were spotted locking lips tonight after her second Eras Tour show in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Like, fully in public. Like, with an entire crowd of fans watching. (!!!)

And that's not all: Before Taylor had her "running-in-a-dress-towards-the-man-of-my-dreams" moment, she changed the lyrics of "Karma" to shout out her new bae, switching from "Karma is the guy on the screen coming straight home to me" to "Karma is the guy on the Chiefs coming straight home to me."

(Brb, googling how to enroll at the Travis Kelce School of Manifestation ASAP.)

@jessicagolich OMGGGGGGGGG ❤️😩 #tayvis #traviskelcekarma #swiftiesoftiktok #erastourbuenosaires #erastourargentina #buenosaireserastour #swiftok #tayvis2023 #traviskelcetaylorswift ♬ original sound - JessicaGolich

But wait! There's more!

Travis enjoyed the concert from the VIP tent alongside Taylor's dad (pls note the Chiefs lanyard, tyvm). And during "The Archer," Travis held up a fan-made "we will stay" sign. Please excuse us while we try to pick ourselves up off the floor.

And if that wasn't enough to have you kicking your feet and swooning all night long, may we point out a few other honorable mention moments from this evening?

Travis flashing a hand heart to the fans

Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show-stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique.

Travis joining the crowd in a chant for Taylor...

What can we say, we love a hype man.

...and Taylor Swift's dad filming Travis during said chant

Peak #ProudDad Moment + Golden Retriever Boyfriend Energy = our new favorite combo.

Taylor not-so-secretly gazing at Travis during "Lover"

Don't look at us, we're blushing!

Travis screaming singing to "Blank Space"

He really is just one of us.

Travis vibing to "august"

Honestly, same.

Well gals, as you drift off into dreamland in your new OTP bliss, we think it's safe to say that this Eras Tour show will go down in Swiftory.

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Top and slider image: @theswiftsociety


by Kathleen O'Neill | 11/11/2023