Olivia Rodrigo is punk-pop chic in surprise release "good 4 u"

Ahead of her super-anticipated debut album Sour on May 21, Olivia Rodrigo is gifting us yet another exclusive single. And in good 4 u—released Friday at midnight—she's trading in heartbreak for revenge. Check it out:

In good 4 u, Olivia puts the strawberry ice cream back in the freezer and opts for a cheerleader uniform and gasoline instead. And we love it. Watching good 4 u's music video is like watching Taylor Swift perform Mr. Perfectly Fine for the first time—with a taste of '90s grunge-pop. And the vibes are immaculate (especially after seeing the two pop singers *finally* meet in person at this week's Brit Awards).

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An unnamed ex moves on a little too quickly in good 4 u, and Olivia is absolutely not here for it.

“Well, good for you, I guess you moved on really easily / You found a new girl and it only took a couple weeks,” Olivia sings, right in the beginning.

"And good for you it's like you never even met me," she scoffs. "Remember when you swore to God / I was the only person who ever got you."

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Of course, fans are already speculating that good 4 u is about a certain love triangle (see: Sabrina x Joshua x Olivia), but whether or not good 4 u is inspired by real-life events, one thing is super clear: We have a song to scream-sing in the car *just* in time for summer.

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by Erin Sargent | 5/14/2021