We think Billie Eilish is lovely—and her celebrity fans agree


We know that Billie Eilish stans her idols Avril Lavigne and Justin Bieber, but who stans Billie Eilish? The extensive list does not fall short of Charli XCX, Selena Gomez, Travis Scott, Noah Cyrus, and—get this—Justin Bieber and Avril Lavigne.

Billie Eilish took the music industry by storm when she debuted. Starting at only 15 years old, the singer and songwriter has befriended and earned the admiration of many stars in the industry. The following celebrities love Billie Eilish and sing nothing but praises of the iconic, fashion-forward songstress.

Justin Bieber 


Beautiful moment. She finally met the kid! @wherearetheavocados @justinbieber 😊

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When Eilish was first on the rise, Justin Bieber said nothing but positive things about her music. In turn, Billie Eilish has been a stan of Bieber's for years. Eilish finally met her idol Justin Bieber at Coachella in April of 2019.

After just a few months Bieber hopped on a remix of her song "Bad Guy." Since then Bieber has praised Eilish in interviews, mentioning how impressed he is by the "my future" singer. We hope another song collab is in the works for the two in the future.

Katy Perry


we must protect @wherearetheavocados, beings like her don’t enter our orbit often 💚

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Katy Perry has expressed how impressed she is by Eilish in various interviews. To confirm her love for the star, Perry posted a picture of the two on her Instagram with the caption "we must protect, @wherearetheavocados, beings like her don't enter our orbit often." 

Charli XCX

Billie and Charli have developed a friendship. The two have hung out at numerous events together, supporting each other's music whenever they get the chance. Charli even compared Billie to legendary artist Kurt Cobain in an interview, a huge compliment in itself.

Mackenzie Ziegler



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During a video segment with Teen Vogue, the dancer/singer/actress mentioned Eilish. She talked about how "Bad Guy" is her hype song—and taking into account the sassy beat and lyrics—we can totally see why.

Travis Scott


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One of the biggest rappers of his generation, Travis Scott can recognize big talent when he sees it. He has expressed his interest in Billie's music. The two have been friends for some time, and collaborated together on Eilish's song "Mode Guy." The song charted well, and we can't wait to see more collabs from this pair in the future.

Avril Lavigne



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Avril Lavigne congratulated Eilish on her album when it came out in March of 2019, saying that it rocks. Eilish was already a huge fan of Avril, and grew up listening to her, so this was a dream come true for the star. Billie has said of Avril that Avril "made [her] what [she] is." Avril has said equally nice words of Eilish, stating that Eilish is "very much herself" and "extremely talented." 

Noah Cyrus

Noah Cyrus and Billie Eilish both have a rebellious side, and it definitely shows through their music and fashion choices. It's safe to say the singers have some things in common, and they've formed a great friendship over the years. Close in age, they've been spotted hanging out various times.


On Twitter T-Pain has shared his love for Billie Eilish and her music. He praised her song "You Should See Me In A Crown." Later the two met on the red carpet, where their friendship began.

Lana Del Rey


Look who I found in Denmark! Tonight we share the same stage again in Sweden !!!!

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Billie and Lana have met a couple of times, and Billie has mentioned her love for Lana and how much Lana has helped her during her time in the music industry. 

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez, who has made a huge mark on the music industry, is also a fan of Billie Eilish. The two vocalists have met numerous times at award shows and events. The two first met when Finneas O'Connell, Billie's brother, produced a song for Selena. 

Julia Roberts


I ♥️ Billie Eilish.

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Julia Roberts stated that she's "obsessed" with Billie Eilish, and in an interview with Refinery 29, Roberts stated that "Billie Eilish is everything." Roberts and Eilish have met on various occasions. Roberts is in love with Eilish's music and has said she loves that Eilish collaborates with her brother Finneas to make amazing music.

Tyler, The Creator



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In an interview, Tyler, The Creator spoke about Eilish's album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? The rapper not only likes Eilish, but would love to collab with the 18-year-old vocalist. After hearing the news, Eilish took to Instagram and wrote "i would be nothing without you tyler.. everyone knows it."

Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello has stated that she wants to collaborate with Eilish. When the two ladies met, Cabello posted a photo with the sweetest caption, stating "sweet human @billieeilish" with a couple of green heart emojis to express her love. 

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by Franca Akenami | 10/25/2020