How do we feel about Jenna Marbles quitting YouTube?

Jenna Marbles (real name Jenna Mourey), a popular YouTuber who has been on the platform since 2010 with millions of subscribers, has announced that she is quitting YouTube due to offensive videos she had made in the past—a video where she wore blackface while impersonating Nicki Minaj, a music video where she made a racist joke about Asians and various videos that stereotyped gender and disparaged fellow girls. 

After setting her old controversial videos to private, Jenna released a new YouTube video, titled "A Message," where she apologized for and addressed her past actions, stating: "there's things in my past I'm not proud of." After apologizing for her past actions many times throughout the video, Jenna also went on to say that "hopefully I've taken down anything that would upset someone, and I hope you know that that's just not my intent, that's not what I ever set out to do, to hurt anyone's feelings or to make anyone feel bad... so I think I'm just going to move on from this channel for now."  

Jenna's announcement surprised many of her fellow YouTubers, who were sad to see her quit the platform and had some reactions to her video. 

One such reaction came from PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg), another popular YouTuber with a huge subscriber count (105 million+). On the Community section of his YouTube channel, he shared this upset reaction with his followers:

"Jenna Marbles was one of the most genuinely good people on this platform and now she gets bullied off the site by mistakes that happened 8-10 years ago.. Who cares? These actions reflect in no way who she is and the content she makes today, anyone who watches her can see that. Some things were more leviant a few years ago - that's not to say it was right, but where the line is drawn from the past and today seems non existent. I thought the point was to learn from your mistakes and do better? We all have problems in our past, no one in the world is perfect." 

Another reaction came from YouTuber LaurDIY (Lauren Riihimaki), who was also upset at Jenna's news of quitting and shared this message on Twitter condemning cancel culture: 

YouTuber Ricky Dillon shared his love for Jenna on Twitter following the video's release:

Additionally, YouTuber Hank Green (from the Vlogbrothers channel) showed his respect for Jenna's decision:

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by Maya Camu | 7/2/2020