OMG! Sissy Sheridan had her face mask accidentally pierced to her ear


moral of the story. don’t get your ears pierced during a pandemic

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Sissy Sheridan, Chicken Girls actress, host of Nickelodeon's DIY With Me and GL Fash Bash 2019 performer, shared one of the craziest piercing stories we've *ever* heard on her TikTok.  

She went to go get her ears pierced at an Icing by Claire's store near her home, wearing a mask to protect herself from Covid-19. Unfortunately, the person piercing her ear did not manuever around the mask, and ended up piercing through both her ear and the mask...which then lodged the mask into her ear and made it crazy hard to get out. Ouch! 

Here's the BTS scoop: Sissy wore two masks to the store to give herself extra protection since the woman doing the piercing would be super close to her face.  She didn't even feel the mask when it went in, but noticed then she got back to her car and attempted to take the mask off, causing a ton of pain in her ear. She sees the humor in it, but has reached out to the company to try to get a full refund for the piericing since she feels that they should have been more careful. When speaking to Sissy about the incident, she told Girls' Life "what happened was a total freak accident and I'm hoping no one else has to go through this."

After the video of Sissy's crazy experience went viral, Claire's reached out saying that "over 40 years, Claire’s has pierced more than 100 million ears. Customer well-being is always our main priority. We are investigating this incident and are taking appropriate corrective action. We have reached out to the customer offering support and a full refund."

We're glad Sissy was able to find the humor in her unfortunate sitch and that she and Claire's have reached a resolution. We hope she feels better ASAP!

by Olivia Sowa | 6/30/2020