Where your fave influencers are going to college

Even though school just ended, it's never too late to start thinking about the next school year, especially if you're going to college like these girls are. These days, it's common for big YouTube stars and influencers to not pursue higher education in order to focus on their work. After all, juggling a normal school life and a full-time job can't be easy. But these five influencers are proving that they can have the best of both worlds since they all recently announced that they are going to college this year. Check out which universities they're heading to!

Ellie Thumann


Followed my heart & it led me to Tucson🐻⬇️

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The YouTube star will be attending the University of Arizona in the fall. Ellie explained in a YouTube video that after doing online school during high school, she wanted to make her education a bigger part of her life by going to college. Ellie plans on studying journalism, and even though the majority of her classes will be online, she will still be on campus rooming with her bestie Ella Walters, which is total #bffgoals.

Nia Sioux

It feels like it was only yesterday that we were watching Nia on Dance Moms, but this year she is headed to UCLA for college! Nia actually was planning on taking a year off of school before starting college but decided against it after a talk with her grandmother. "My Nana called me and was like, 'Nia why are you waiting to go?'" Nia said in a YouTube video. "I was like, 'You know what? You're right.'" She's now a Bruin, and we're *so* here for it. 

Kamri Noel

Kamri announced that she is going to Brigham Young University in Utah. While lots of fans expected her to go to Baylor University with her sisters Brooklyn and Bailey, Kamri said, "[Baylor] is not really my experience anymore. It's kind of the twins'." Kamri also has some family history at BYU since her parents went there and met each other at the university. Check out her video for some *adorbs* moments of her family reacting to her decision.

Ella Meloche


this is me officially announcing that I am going to The University of Alabama. #rolltide

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The model and former YouTuber took to Instagram to announce that she is going to the University of Alabama. Ella will be studying marketing, and she and her sister Hannah have actually been taking online courses at their local community college this summer to get a head start. We can't wait to see her #rolltide.

Sydney Serena

Sydney recently announced that after having taken a break from school, she is going back to college this year. She started taking college courses when she was in high school but never finished her degree because she was focused on her YouTube work. "I don't want my career to hold me back from something I really want to do, which is me getting an education," Sydney said. She will be studying business, and even though we don't know where she's going yet, she'll be announcing her *ultimate* college decision soon! (Update: Sydney is attending Chapman University!) 


by Erin Jeon | 6/26/2020