How to dress like Kat Stratford

After 10 Things I Hate About You released in 1999, a single character brought us fashion and confidence inspo for years to come: the one, the only, Kat Stratford. From reciting accidental love poems in class to rocking out at girl band concerts, Kat's effortless style wowed us in each and every scene. If you've ever dreamed of that '90s rom-com aesthetic, look no further. We'll teach you how to how to rock it in just a few steps. 

Long skirts


The Kat Stratford look is incomplete without a midi skirt. You can either go for a monochrome look or style a printed option (like this one from Urban Outfitters!) Also, these timeless pieces are usually stocked up in thrift stores (but if you're a thrifting newbie, GL's got you covered. Check out our secondhand shopping guide here). 

Low-waisted cargo pants


What else would you possibly wear to sketch outside while Joseph Gordon-Levitt woos your sister? These flawless garments scream '90s and 2000s, while being comfy *and* functional at the same time (hello, pockets) Find a pair of low-waisted cargo pants either at American Eagle or PacSun.

Long sleeve T-shirts


Kat styles a long-sleeve tee in tons of scenes throughout the movie, but we just *had* to mention this post-paintball look of hers. Copy the casual vintage feel with this tee from UO or this waffle-textured top from Free People.

Adorable up-dos


No matter where she is, Kat never has a strand out of place. Achieve her everyday hair goals by slicking back your front pieces and gather the rest using claw clips. For her iconic prom updo, sweep all your hair into a high ponytail and use a small curling iron to form a crown of curls, then secure with bobby pins. Voila! You'll be reading Sylvia Plath and challenging the status quo like it's no one's business. 



Kat wears her signature pearls to smash the patriarchy *and* go to the school prom. Opt for a simple faux pearl choker or don one with a signature charm on it. It will be sure to add a touch of classy flair to each and every outfit. 

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Slider image: @10thingsiihateaboutyou


by Julia Szymanski | 6/27/2023