Your guide to the top trendy TikTok aesthetics right now

From cottagecore to VSCO girl, TikTok is one of the *best* places to get style inspo. But don't feel like you need to stay loyal to one aesthetic—it's fun to try them all. We've rounded up the latest and greatest trendy TikTok aesthetics.



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Similar to the cottagecore aesthetic except for one key difference: It celebrates the "ugly" parts of nature. From moss to mushrooms to goblins themselves, goblincore is all about showing your true self—even the parts that aren't pretty. Goblincore clothes are thrifted or secondhand, often have clashing prints and are ready for adventure—think heavy sweaters, thick socks and overalls. 

Romantic Academia

Romantic academia is a spin on the dark academia aesthetic, with a focus on love letters, study dates and the celebration of beauty and love. Romantic academia brings to mind dreamy days spent reading poems out loud to your loved one. To bring the romantic academia aesthetic to life, wear flowy dresses, silk and lace, corduroys and vintage jewelry. 



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Based on naturecore, bloomcore is focused on flowers and greenery in small villages. It's all about having a quiet life, full of gardening, picnicking and nature. To dress in the trendy bloomcore aesthetic, go for puffy sleeves, floral tones and light wash denim. For those wanting to go the extra step, try hosting a picnic (and bake your own floral cake). 


Queencore is all about elegance, skill and maturity—being able to lead with a strong hand in heavy matters. This aesthetic often draws from fantasy, so ballgowns and daggers are paired together (just in case!). Dark tones, jeweled hairpieces, gloves and long, flowing sleeves are what you should wear to emulate queencore. 


By far the most popular TikTok aesthetic right now, indie is all about bright, oversaturated colors, skateboarding, baggy jeans paired with crop tops and generally living life like it's a movie (filming the whole time, natch!). 

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by Elina Graham | 2/18/2021