Change up your lewk with these fall fashion switch-ups

Stressing because you've already worn *everything* in your closet and—gasp—it's only October? Don't worry, we've got you covered. 

Whether you're trying to make your fave summer sundress last in cold weather, or hoping to find creative uses for your well-worn basics, we've got the fall fashion switch-ups to make your style look brand-new and oh-so-unique. From quick DIYs (looking at you, future Project Runway stars) to simple clothing change-ups, we've got the fashion advice you *need* to refresh your look all the way until holiday break. 

Tip 1: Make good use of your basics

That adorbs white tank that paired so perfectly with your jean shorts all summer? Time to give it another life. Pair it with a cozy flannel or knit cardigan, throw on your go-to pair of jeans and leggings and finish the lewk with a sweet pair of boots. The final touch? A scarf that will show the world that you're super fashionable *and* ready for the chilly days.

Tip 2: Give your denim some flair

Your fave denim jacket is basically part of your personality by now, so why not give your style a so-you makeover? We're talking patches, pins and DIY embroidery. Whether you're stitching the name of your celeb crush, flowers to match your Insta aesthetic or the slogan of your latest social justice cause, your outerwear is guaranteed to look so cute—and so uniquely you. (Don't have denim? Try changing up your backpack, tote or jeans).

Tip 3: Revive your summer styles

If you thought you had to banish skirts and sundresses to the back of a drawer until spring, think again. You can make your warm weather looks appropriately seasonal (and, well, warm) even when the cold winds are blowing. Pair your fave printed dress with a plain, long-sleeved tee underneath (white and black always work, along with turtlenecks and bodysuits for a crisp, clean vibe). Ankle or knee socks keep your legs from freezing, while black tights go perfectly with a denim skirt. Your wardrobe—and your shopping budget—will thank you for your innovation. 

What's your favorite fall style? Comment below! 

by Katherine Hammer | 10/20/2019