Watch out for these TV-inspired Halloween costumes

Are you still looking for the perfect Halloween costume? A *major* source of inspo has been in front of you this whole time—your must-watch TV shows! Let’s be real: who hasn’t dreamed of living a day in the life of their fave characters? You can throw on one of their classic outfits, adopt some of their famous sayings and become the leading star of your Halloween party.

Below, check out some of our top picks for TV-inspired Halloween costumes this season.

Get sporty as a River Vixen
When we first met the River Vixens in season one of Riverdale, we *knew* this was a Halloween must. Whether you’re going solo or pairing up with a BFF, the girls’ cheerleading practice outfit is both cute and comfy. Grab your essentials—a yellow raglan tee, navy gym shorts, yellow-striped knee-high socks and white sneaks—from stores like Forever 21, Urban Outfitters and American Apparel. To score a seriously Vixen-approved look, pick up Hot Topic’s official raglan complete with the team logo. See you at practice!

Be the witch of the ball like Grace
We love recreating Bailee Madison’s glam looks IRL, but her Good Witch character Grace has some fab fashion of her own. The witch costume from season two’s Halloween episode is equal parts stylish and spooky—a total score! Grab your fave black dress and belt and add a witch hat from the costume store. Bonus points if you find your own Nick (Rhys Matthew Bond) to have by your side.

Channel your inner Shadowhunter as Clary
Are you impatiently waiting for season three of Shadowhunters to start in April 2018? Luckily, the break gives you time to get in gear and transform yourself into the fierce Clary Fray this Halloween. This costume doubles as the perfect opportunity to wear your classic all-black outfit with combat boots. Don’t forget your seraph blade to fight off those demons!

Put your psychokinetic abilities to the test as Eleven
There is no doubt that Eleven from Stranger Things will be one of the most popular costumes this year (again!) with season two of the show coming out this month. Tons of costume shops are selling this costume as a set, but you can also have some fun and save money by finding a similar dress, knee-high socks and white sneakers at a thrift shop. All you have to do is add a little drip of red face paint coming out your nose. Next thing you know, you will be making contact with all kinds of creatures! And if you get hungry while out trick or treating? Take out a box of Eleven’s fave Eggo waffles.

Join the battle as Arya
Game of Thrones’s Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) is one of the strongest teenagers we know. You don’t want to mess with her—but you do want to try out this costume! A good place to start is a green cable-knit sweater that you can rip up around the sleeves. Pile on some layers and tie a belt around your waist. Add green or grey jeans and, of course, a must-have sword. Feel free to smudge your makeup and half-dry your hair to achieve the “Sorry I’ve been busy fighting all day, no big deal though” look.

Be bold, sassy and totally Miranda
YouTuber-turned-TV-star Miranda Sings (portrayed by Colleen Ballinger) is one of the funniest gals we know. That’s why we were so excited to binge season two of Haters Back Off when it came out on Netflix earlier this month. Her look is v. unique and perfect for a fun Halloween costume. Remember when our girl Hailee Steinfeld rocked the classic Miranda look at a Halloween party and looked so cool doing so? Yeah—if Hailee approves, so do we! Start *way* over-applying your red lipstick now.

Is your Halloween costume going to be TV inspired? Let us know what it is in the comments down below!

Photo credit: Instagram/CamilaMendes, The Hallmark Channel, Curtis Baker/Netflix, Freeform/Justin Stephens, The Independent, Serguei Baschlakov/Netflix

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by Angela McLean | 10/23/2017