WHERE 2 SHOP: Little Odd Forest


Stores, stores, stores! There's about a gazillion of 'em and who's got the time to shop around for the best. That's exactly why GL’s fashion gurus have gone on a mission to sniff out the hottest places to buy the latest looks and accessories. Check out what they've stumbled upon this week!

Want something totally original and not something you find and see everyday? Whether you want an adorable tank to wow your friends or an out of this world bag to tote around, is the place to shop! They’ve got loads of adorable merch ranging from stationary to home décor too!

Here's a peek at some of our faves from the site:


Mungo Wanderlust Leaf Bag (Mushroom Mania), $70


Forest Seedlings Tote (Dotty Blooms), $50


Love Sprouts Converti (Big Bad Wolf), $39

BLOG ABOUT IT: Where do you love to shop? Ya know, the place where all the workers know your name and ya have daddy's cc on file? Get to sharin' girly, we wanna know!

3/2/2008 2:00:52 PM