Quiz - Rewrite these classic fairy tales and we'll tell you why your classmates heart you

In The Queen's Council: Rebel Rose, author Emma Theriault reimagines Beauty and the Beast as a historical fantasy, with Belle having to balance royal life, political unrest and (of course) magic. It's a twists-and-turns adventure that keeps you guessing. As Belle struggles to stay true to herself when dark political intrigue swirls around her, she learns what it truly takes to be a leader to people—and now you can, too.

In the spirit of Rebel Rose, give these well-loved stories a modern spin to uncover exactly what your secret leadership style is...and why your classmates totally admire and appreciate you. Warning: Disney spoilers (and positive vibes) abound!


When Cinderella arrives at the prince's ball, she...


Once Ariel becomes human, she...


Tiana and Naveen are married! What happens next?


After Lilo adopts Stitch, they...


Why do Anna and Elsa reunite at the end of Frozen?