Quiz - Will you get your period this weekend?


Whether it’s your first-ever flow or just another step in your established cycle, sometimes it's impossible to tell whether your period is coming...or if you're just uber moody...or having a bad skin day...or totally tired. 


Question no more, babe. Take this quiz to find out when your period might appear *and* to get your own personalized period survival starter kit, complete with the menstruation must-haves, like all-new products you don't know but are about to love, aka the DivaCup Model 0. It's designed for girls under age 18 in mind: It’s comfortable, cost-effective and eco-friendly—what more could you want?!


Friendly reminder: Girls' Life cannot 100% guarantee when your period will arrive. The upside: You'll rest easier knowing that you better understand your body—and that you're totally prepared for the moment it actually *does* come.


Got tummy troubles ATM?


What's your emotional ~*mood*~ today?


How's your skin lately?


What's your energy level?


Current cravings?