Quiz - Which The Isle of the Lost character should you be for Halloween?

In this graphic novel adaptation of The Isle of the Lost, Mal has one mission: to steal the Dragon’s Eye and bring it back to her mother, Maleficent—so she invites Evie, Carlos and Jay to assist in the snatching. Want to join these Descendants on their quest? There’s no better time than Halloween to become a VK.


Now the only question is: Should you transform yourself into mischievous Mal, fashionista Evie, totally cool Carlos or thrifty Jay? Let’s find out...


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You and your crew team up to find the Dragon’s Eye. What do you bring with you?


Choose a wickedly cool accessory...


What’s one thing you always have in your own Forbidden Fortress (aka your room)?


What’s your fave color?


Who are you trick-or-treating with this year?


How do you feel about riddles?