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8 fun new hobbies to try

Maybe you always have tons of free time after finishing your HW, or you simply want to switch up your normal routine—but trying new hobbies is always a good way to expand your horizons. Let loose your inner potter or baker or gardener and check out our list below! 

1. Ceramics class

Have you ever scrolled on Pinterest and come across the cutest handmade dishes? If you found yourself wanting to create precious pieces just like that, ceramics class is the place for you. Whether you sign up for a class at school or maybe the local art studio or community college, a ceramics class is a great way to get your hands dirty and get creative at the same time. Plus, you get free mugs and sculptures in the process.

2. Papermaking


DW—all you need for papermaking is paper! Tear up old assignments or flyers you have lying around the house (great way to be eco-friendly) and soak them in a tub of water. Then, place your pulp across a wire net and allow it to dry, Feel free to add coloring or dried flowers for an even more aesthetic result.

3. Spin class


Spin class is as easy as...well...riding a bike! Throw on your cutest workout set and get ready to sweat in this workout class that covers cardio and strength. With loud pump-up music and vibey lights, the energy is pretty spectacular. Be bold and challenge yourself to an early-morning session, or end your day with a fun ride in the evening. 

4. Yoga/Pilates


Yoga and Pilates are some of the best exercises out there because you can focus on improving both your mind *and* body. Try checking out some fitness influencers or following along to YouTube tutorials at first so you don't have to buy expensive equipment right off the bat. 

5. Upcycling


Thrifting on its own is all kinds of fun. With upcycling, we're giving it a crafty twist. Upcycling is taking a thrifted piece (or even an old piece of clothing you already have) and giving it a glow-up. You could be doing anything from painting flowers on the back pockets of some jeans to turning a T-shirt into a tote bag—anything to make your clothes more personal and practical. 

6. Gardening


You'll def be able to see the fruits of your labor if you take up gardening (sorry, we had to). But really, there's nothing better that'll allow you to relax while enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. Plus, imagine how cute it would be to gift your fam or besties with something you grew yourself!

7. Experimenting with recipes


Whether you're a pro in the kitchen or still have lots to learn, experimenting with recipes can be a great way to spend your time. Seek out new recipes with exciting flavor combos or exotic ingredients, or put your taste buds to the test to develop new additions to your favorite foods.

8. Volunteer


Giving back to your community is always a good way to spend your time. Try joining volunteering clubs at your school or finding local non-profits that you are interested in. We're sure you'll find it both fun *and* rewarding. 

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by Cathy Li and Riley Yates | 3/18/2023