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7 things to add to your fall bucket list this year

It's fall! Time to break out those sweaters, blast Red (Taylor's Version) and enjoy everything the spookiest szn has to offer! Yes, fall is one of the busiest seasons: school, homework, extracurriculars, you name it. But when you have some free time, there's so much to do! Keep reading for the 7 things we are *dying* to add to our fall bucket list!

1. Go to a pumpkin patch


What screams fall more than pumpkins? Grab some friends and your favorite beanie and head out to your nearest pumpkin patch, orchard or wherever you can get your hands on some pumpkins (which, this time of the year, is everywhere, tbh). Be sure to grab some apple cider donuts, the perfect fall treat for a cool, sunny day at the patch.

2. Have a cozy day to yourself


For those dark and stormy fall days, a cozy day by yourself is just what you needed. Grab a hot chocolate or apple cider, your favorite blanket and your softest sweatshirt and enjoy the day. This might include reading that book you've been putting off for forever (check out these options) while your favorite fall candle is burning. Or, throw on a movie marathon (Twilight, anyone?) while enjoying some delish fall treats. The possibilities are endless.

3. Go on a hayride


Embrace the fall aesthetic with a hayride! These can be found in any orchard or fall neighborhood block parties. They're super fun and a great way to rest your legs after a long afternoon.

4. Go apple picking


Who doesn't love apples? There are plenty of places to pick apples and plenty of apples to pick. From golden delicious to gala, there's no shortage of amazing, juicy, delicious apples for you to enjoy. Eat them straight up, or take them home and whip up an apple pie or candy apples!

5. Listen to Taylor Swift's new album Midnights when it comes out


Unless you've been living under a rock (or pumpkin), you know that Taylor Swift's 10th studio album Midnights is coming October 21st. We know that you've been blasting Red (Taylor's Version) since last November, and now we get a new album with 13 brand new songs. Whether you stay up until midnight or listen to it non-stop, Taylor is for sure a must for fall.

6. Go to a haunted house

For the spooky lovers out there, head on over to a deliciously scary haunted house! This is best done with a group of your favorite besties to comfort each other when you're freaking out. For those of you who want the scariness but can't find a haunted house near you, give a spooky season movie/TV marathon a go

7. Have a fall photo shoot with some beautiful leaves


Finally, fall is the best season for outdoor photo shoots! The leaves changing colors gives you a great backdrop to show off your favorite fall fits. Have a solo shoot or gather up some friends, as long as you incorporate the beautiful red, orange and green of the autumn leaves.

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by Rory Durso | 10/19/2022