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8 ways to celebrate Earth Day this year

Everyone gather around: April 22 is Earth Day! Our planet is undoubtedly in need of some love and gratitude, but how can *you* celebrate and do your part to care for the Earth? The answer is that the opportunities are endless, from gardening to repurposing old clothes. Going green shouldn't be limited to just April 22, so here are eight activities you can participate in on Earth Day *and* year-round—feel free to bring a friend to tag along!

Participate in a clean-up

While you can (and should) always pick up discarded trash on the ground during your own time, why not take part in a community activity and join an organized clean-up at a park, beach or trail near you? There are quite literally *hundreds* of different non-profit organizations dedicated to clean-ups that you can volunteer with—the information is just a quick Google search away.

Visit your local farmers' market

Swap out your weekly mall trip with a day at your local farmers' market! These marketplaces create a space for farmers and small local businesses to sell their products directly to consumers, which is much more eco-friendly than buying products mass-produced by huge unethical corporations. Additionally, along with fresh produce and food, farmers' markets also usually sell handmade jewelry, art and other one-of-a-kind goods.

Do some gardening

Channel your green thumb at a community garden or in your own backyard, and don't be afraid to get your hands dirty. Growing your own fruits and vegetables can create much less waste than store-bought produce, and it's always nice to see where your food is coming from. Bonus points if you decorate your garden with fun plant labels or garden gnomes!

Donate to an environmental organization

If you have the financial means, consider donating money to an organization dedicated to protecting the environment, such as the Sierra Club or the World Wildlife Fund. Even five bucks will make a difference—every contribution helps.

Go on a biking trip

Instead of driving around in a car everywhere, try biking when you can to reduce your CO2 emissions. And why not do it for the good vibes? Imagine: you biking through your neighborhood, wind flowing through your hair and listening to Taylor Swift. Literal bliss.

Repurpose old clothes

Are you about to throw out that dusty box of clothes from fourth grade? Stop—you have other, more sustainable options! Donating old clothes to a thrift store or donation center is always an option, but you can also step up your DIY game with them. Make a patchwork bag with your old jeans, or a hair scarf with that too-small blouse. The possibilities are endless.

Invest in reusable items

Say no to single-use plastic water bottles and paper grocery bags, and say *yes* to reusable containers! Consistently using a reusable water bottle like a Hydroflask and a canvas tote bag at the grocery bag will def reduce your consumption and waste. These items make great gifts for friends and family as well, so it's a win-win situation.

Explore and appreciate the nature around you!

Mother Nature deserves some love and appreciation—so go on a hike at a local trail, have a picnic at your fave park or feel the calming waves at a beautiful beach! No matter where you go, just take a moment to truly *appreciate* and feel grateful for the Earth. It is our home, after all!

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by Jinny Kim and Serena Sherwood | 4/22/2022