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30 Insta captions perfect for summer 2020

Just because this summer hasn't turned out *quite* as expected doesn't mean that all Insta opportunities are gone! Here are some *perf* captions for all the swimsuit photos and "wish-I-was-here" posts that you'll be adding to your feeds this summer: 

1. "There's nothing like summer in the city"

 Image: @lexxhidalgo

This Hamilton reference is perfect for all you city gals! Keep up with the latest Disney+ trends and show off where you live with this fun caption.

2. The only B.O. I want is bikinis and the ocean

Image: @charlidamelio

Show off your sassy humor with a poolside snap in your finest swimwear. 

3. If you need me, I'll be by the pool quaranTANNING

 Image: @chloelukasiak

Being stuck at home all day = tons of time to get some rays in! 

4. Pretend I’m in [insert wherever you were supposed to go for vacay this summer]

Image: @lanacondor

Did your fam's summer trip get canceled this year? Ours too :( Even though you can't show off the beautiful views on your vacay, you can use Insta to remind everyone that you would be doing just that if not for the pandemic.

5. Golden state of mind

Image: @lilychee

Don't pass up the opportunity to snap the perf golden selfie for your page, whether it's golden hour or you and your golden pup. 

6. Check out my cutest 2020 summer accessory!

Image: @pressleyhosbach

This summer's go-to accessory isn't a pair of shoes or special kind of bracelet like you would normally expect...lots of people are expressing themselves with personalized masks to stay safe *and* stylish. Share a photo rocking your mask and see how your besties are doing the same!

7. Don’t be grim, go for a swim!

Image: @gracieoconnor

Get rid of all those negative vibes that seem to be clouding social media these days with a happy-go-lucky message and fun poolside shot to go with it. 

8. This summer everything is BYOS (bring your own sanitizer)

Image: @niasioux

In this summer of social distancing, carrying hand sanitizer with you is a must—so you might as well post about it!

9. Pool hair don’t care

Image: @elliethumann

Own those beachy waves and post an unfiltered pic of your natural beauty this summer. 

10. You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream on the beach and I’ve never seen someone with ice cream on the beach who isn’t happy

Image: @madisonbaileybabe

'Nuff said- this one doesn't even need an explanation! 

11. Girls just wanna have SUN

Image: @kenzie

There's nothing better than spending a hot summer day outside soaking up the sun.

12. Long time, no sea

Image: @suedebrooks

This caption is perf for the times when you really just miss being near the ocean. Post an old photo or document your time in the waves for the world to see (or should we say, "sea?")

13. Eat. Sleep. Beach. Repeat. 

Image: @daniellaperkins

The *ideal* summer daily routine.

14. Wake me up when we can travel again

Image: @addisonraee

This is the *perf* way to caption those throwback travel pics that you never got around to sharing! 

15. Destination: Nowhere

Image: @dixiedamelio

Why worry about the destination when the journey is half the fun? At least that's what you can tell yourself and your followers when you use this caption for your summer content... 

16. Who needs a man when you can lay by the pool and tan?

Image: @simonebiles

Post up poolside and enjoy some quality solo time (while documenting it for all of Insta to see, ofc). 

17. Fine, fresh, fierce, we got it on lock

Image: @carrieberkk

Blast some Katy Perry and share some fun pics in your fave outfits and swimsuits this summer. 

18. Live sunny side up!

Image: @jazzjennings_

Always look on the bright side of's especially easy to do in summer when the weather is nice and the days are yours to enjoy!

19. BRB manifesting a corona-free summer 2021

Image: @emmachamberlain

Stay optimistic this summer for better things to come!

20. “Summer lovin', it happened so fast”

Image: @hannahann

Make it #Instaofficial with bae (or bestie!) this summer by quoting a sweet line from Grease and share your happiness with your followers.

21. #restingbeachface

Image: @skaijackson

Mix up your feed with a fun pouty selfie (preferably by the pool!) 

22. Queen of the (sand) castle đź‘‘

Image: @haileybieber

Never forget that you are royalty, and never let your followers forget it either. 

23. The only nation I'm visiting this summer is imagiNATION

Image: @madimonroe

Besides being totally true, you can use this caption for pics you take while exploring your hometown and doing all the fun local things it has to offer!

24. High tide or low tide, I'll stay by your side

Image: @madimonroe

Share that *adorable* photo you took with your besties! 

25. Daisy duke it up

Image: @brooklynandbailey

Give your fave pair of cutoffs some love this season and post in 'em—after all, jean shorts never go out of style. 

26. Summer days, driftin' away... 

Image: @annacathcart

Summer goes by *way* too fast, but Insta pics last forever!

27. Here’s what I’d be wearing if I was on that vacay rn 

Image: @madisonbeer

Your #OOTD is too cute not to post—even if you can't wear it to your dream international destination, you can share your passion for fashion with your friends via the Internet. 

28. There she glows

Image: @emilyskinner

Show off that summery sunkissed glow.

29. Getting my daily dose of vitamin SEA

Image: @hannahmeloche

For all you gals who are lucky enough to live by the ocean, enjoy those breezy beach days and don't forget to virtually share them on Insta. 

30. Spread smiles, not corona 

Image: @sydneyserena

Brighten up everyone's feed by flashing your pearly whites for a smiley selfie this summer! 

What's your fave Insta caption? Tag us in your summer posts @girlslifemag!


by Lexi Casazza, Erin Jeon, Hayley Miller and Erin Sargent | 7/14/2020