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29 things to do on February 29

Every four years we're gifted an extra 24 hours to live life to the fullest on Leap Day. And since 2020 is a leap year, we're challenging you to use the extra time to do something creative. Check out our list or brainstorm your own itinerary in the comments!

1. Make a playlist of your 29 favorite songs of all time and use it as your soundtrack all day. 

2. Start a group chat with 29 people on it and watch hilarity ensue. 

3. Bake sugar cookies and decorate them with a leap-year theme.

4. Make 29 TikTok videos throughout the day.

5. Follow 29 more people on Insta.

6. Change your outfit 29 times and take pics of each ensemble. 

7. Watch the entire Harry Potter series from start to finish (it takes just about 19 hours btw, so even if you factor in breaks, you can still get it done in one day).

8. Put together a scavenger hunt for your friends. How many things should be on the list? 29, of course!

9. Binge exactly 29 episodes of a comedy series. A show like Friends features 22-minute episodes, so you can complete this challenge in less than 11 hours.

10. Brainstorm 29 things you want to do this summer—it's never too early to start planning!

11. Write a letter to your bestie outlining 29 reasons why you love them. 

12. Print out 29 of your fave pics and make a collage. 

13. Know someone who was born on February 29? Plan a sweet surprise for his or her b-day—after all, it only comes around once every four years!

14. Leave a face mask on for exactly 29 minutes.

15. Ask a relative 29 random questions about himself or herself. 

16. Make a new set of New Year's resolutions—we're only two months into 2020, there's still time to achieve your goals!

17. Eat exactly 29 pieces of your favorite small candy, like Skittles or M&Ms.

18. Watch the rom-com Leap Year starring Amy Adams.

19. Grab your local paper and go to an event that's out of your comfort zone. 

20. Make a time capsule with your friends, bury it in the backyard, and vow to dig it up next leap year. 

21. Channel your inner child and play a game of leap frog with friends—classic. 

22. Take a nice, long nap right in the middle of the day. (If there's any day to be lazy, this is it!)

23. Finally clean out that closet or junk drawer you've been avoiding like the plague. You'll feel *so much* better after, we promise!

24. Try a new exercise and commit to it for at least 29 minutes. 

25. Finally master that YouTube hair or makeup tutorial you've tried (and failed at) before.. You have the time to make it right today!

26. Go to the mall and try to buy something for exactly $29. 

27. Talk to some friends about what you think your lives will be like at 29. 

28. Stack up all your fave magazines (Girls' Life, obvi!), and read page 29 of each.

29. Avoid all schoolwork until tomorrow—Leap Day *is* a holiday, right?!

What are your Leap Day plans? Let us know in the comments!

by Jacqueline F. | 2/28/2020
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