Get Inspired

How to find your *true* passion

Did you ever struggle to explain to someone what your hobbies were? Have you been racking your brain to figure out what career you might possibly want? That’s totally ok—you still have loads of time to figure it all out. The most important thing is to let yourself naturally find your niche and don’t stress about it! Here are a couple of tools that will inspire you to get started.

Put your phone away
When you take away this main source of entertainment, you can see what other activities you naturally gravitate towards. Do you feel the urge to draw or read? Do you want to conduct some science experiments or solve challenging puzzles? These activities could be a stepping stone that leads you to your passion. 

Take a career/personality test 
Overwhelmed by all the choices out there? Try taking a career test—The Princeton Review Career Quiz and CareerExplorer are good options. Examine your results and do research on the different careers you get matched up with. You could also take a personality test, such as 16personalities, and research which career best complements your unique personality.  

Try Something New
Explore all the fields that get you excited. For example, you can start babysitting for your little cousins if you think you enjoy being with kids, or your can go to a local science museum to see what activities they have for teens interested in STEM fields. Get out of your comfort zone to discover the causes, activities and people that fire you up!

Have you tried a new hobby lately?


by Cassandra R Lopez | 11/6/2019