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*This* boss babe just became the first female non-kicker football scholar

"I believe the future is female."

22-year-old college student Toni Harris is sacking gender stereotypes with ease.

If you thought you couldn't do any single thing you set you mind to, you're wrong. Toni, previously a student at East Los Angeles Community College, recently signed a letter of intent (with a scholarship!) to Central Methodist University in Fayette, Missouri. She was offered football positions from six other schools across the U.S., before she signed with CMU, joining kicker Becca Lange who joined the team on scholarship last spring. 

Harris's story proves, obvi, that girls can do anything guys can do *and* more. Up to this point, Harris struggled with gender discrimination.

“I have faced discrimination issues involving my gender, coaches telling me I’m not a college football player, no one would recruit me because I was a female and that I wasn’t strong, fast, or big as the guys,” Harris told “I’ve even had death threats from people to make me quit.”

That didn't stop Harris, as the 5'7" football star continues her college career with hopes to become a professional player in the NFL, playing for the Seattle Seahawks, her fave football team. Based on the NFL's recent tweet, she may not be too far off.

If Toni Harris's incredible skills don't inspire you to go out and do something *amaze,* we don't know what will. Get inspired by (and obsessed with) Toni, and check out her Super Bowl commercial spot for Toyota here.

Does Toni's story inspire you? What do you do that breaks gender roles? Share with us in the comments! 


by Logan Potter | 3/8/2019
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