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9 teeny-tiny ways you can make a major difference in the world

9 teeny-tiny ways you can make a major difference in the world

1. Turn heads at the spring dance in a one-of-a-kind vintage dress. Hello, cheap, chic, and green! 

2. Resist the urge to always blot your lips on a tissue. Sure, your smooch is pretty... but so are trees.

3. Wrap up the bracelet you made Mom for Mom's Day with a cute page from an old issue of GL.

4. Donate your old yoga mat. Animal shelters cut them up and use them to line cages. (Yup... even the sweat-stained ones are accepted.)

5. Over what's in your closet? Hold a swap at your next girls' night in.

6. Just say no to plastic. Instead, drop your just-purchased Kind bar and Kombucha straight into your bag. You've got room in there.

7. Turn off the water while you brush your teeth. Awk at first, but it'll quickly become (an Earth-saving) habit.

8. Spare a square- or two, for that matter.

9. Win the war with your inner-beauty-product-tryer-outer. You know, the part of you that wants to buy every lotion, each new lip gloss and all the eye shadows in the world before you're even an eighth of the way through the old stuff. Instead, enjoy every product until it's gone and recycle the empties before you sample new goodies.

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by Kate Callahan | 4/21/2019
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