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Forget much? Exactly what to pack for your summer vacation

Nothing is worse than unzipping your duffle bag on the first day of vacation and discovering you left something at home. So we created a no-fail summer packing list that has it all. From dresses to accessories, you won't forget a thing.

The list is perfect for a week away, but you should customize it as necessary. Heading to field hockey camp? Swap the dressy sandals for cleats (and don't forget the extra socks!). Wanna take a digital vacation while you're camping in the Adirondacks? Leave all those gadgets at home.

Another place where you can seriously save space is the toiletries. If you're staying in a hotel, leave your soap, shampoo and conditioner at home and use the mini ones they provide. Same if you're sharing a big house with your family: ask if your mom is going to pack the shower stuff, so you can have more room in your duffle. And, yeah, summer is also the perfect time to keep your hair and makeup routines to a minimum, so cut those products if you want to rock the natural look. The one thing you can't leave at home? SPF!


Wanna download the list? CLICK HERE!

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by Carissa Hyland | 5/20/2018