7 ways to spend more quality time with your fam this holiday season

We all heart spending winter break chilling out with the girls, but let's not forget to hang with the fam this holiday season. Between school, sports and your social life, family members can easily fall down on the priority list. If you are feeling in the mood to reconnect with your family over break or simply make some fun holiday memories with the OG crew, give these ideas a swing!

1.) Invite your siblings to hang with the friend group

Have your sis tag along with you and the girls when you go "window shopping" or invite her to a Hallmark romance binge sesh. Invite the little bro to ice skating or have him jump in the backseat for a holiday-special Starbucks run. We understand that little siblings can totally ruin the vibes of a hangout, but spending some time with your baby sis or bro can be *way* more fun than you expected!

2.) Host a fam holiday-movie night

Schedule in time to relax and watch your family-fave holiday movie! This idea may seem incredibly cliche, but your parents will totally appreciate the effort behind planning a fun night for just the fam. Cozy up in your fave PJ's, pop some popcorn, roast some chestnuts (whatever you need to get into a festive mood) and spend some quality time with your number ones. 

3.) Start a new holiday tradition 

Create a new, annual holiday tradition with your fam. Maybe you guys can host the *ultimate* gingerbread house-making contest, decorate stockings for the fireplace or draw names for a fam-exclusive Secret Santa. This tradition will ensure you and your family can spend quality time together year after year (it's the gift that keeps on giving!). 

4.) Check out the block's holiday decorations 

You can reconnect with your family this holiday season while taking a loop around the neighborhood to see all the lights and deocrations. Don't have a neighborhood? No prob, take a stroll around the mall or holiday market to appreciate the beautiful and festive displays. 

5.) Try out a new holiday recipe as a fam

Baking cookies over the holiday is a given, but why not test out a new recipe the whole fam can pitch in on! You can try making gingerbread houses from scratch (all hands on deck for this one), make dinner rolls for a holiday feast or make some adorable, festive chocolate treats to hand out to friends and nieghbors. The more time-consuming and elaborate the better!

6.) Unplug over break 

Have you ever heard, "No phones at the table!" Well, it might be time to heed this advice over winter break. When you are decorating the tree or spending time at a family holiday party, unplug and be fully present. You can't spend quality time with your grandparents and Instagram at the same time! Encourage your younger siblings (and maybe even your parents) to do the same too. You can make some of the most meaningful memories this holiday season with the fam if you put your phone down and give the moment your full attention. 

7.) Volunteer together 

Volunteer at your local soup kitchen, donate candy and thoughtful Christmas cards to the hospital patients or sort through your extra jackets and scarfs to donate what you no longer use. Spending quality time with family  *and* making a positive impact on another person's holiday season, it's a win-win! 

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by Cara Lamina | 12/8/2021