In honor of Father's Day, GL dads reveal their fave parts of fatherhood

Dad: The perfect person to go to when you're in need of a good laugh, wise advice, a reality check...and sometimes a little extra shopping money. Not only do they play a huge role in our lives, but we mean the *world* to them in the same way. In honor of Father's Day, we asked 10 GL dads to reveal their fave part about being a #girldad, and you might just shed a tear at their heartfelt responses.

Hudson L.: "It's always fun going shopping and doing outdoor activities with my girls!"

Chase H.: "I love to watch my daughter's face light up when she accomplishes one of the goals she has set for herself."

Jack K.: "I enjoy how the girls share so much with me and how open they are compared to boys."

Brian J.: "I love hearing about boyfriend issues and listening to her funny jokes."

Mark L.: "Knowing that no matter what happens, I will always be the #1 man in the lives of all my girls. That's why every day when I wake up, I work so hard to make them proud to call me Pop. And that's why I strive so hard to never disappoint them."

Alex B.: "First and foremost, daughters have the potential to pass on life to another. And they always remain a princess in the bottom of a dad's heart."

Tim R.: "I get to see the young girl change into a young lady. Her needs for me become more than financial, but about life, school and growing up."

Skip S.: "Seeing love in her smiling, twinkling eyes."

Austen D.: "Being blessed with the opportunity and responsibility to raise a strong, independent, loving, caring and confident young woman. To teach her that true beauty comes from the inside and that she should always believe in herself. It's also the love and laughter, the tea parties and silly times together. It's the joy of watching her grow up, which is also the hardest part. Maybe the best part of being a dad to my daughter is that it has made me a better man."

There's something special about a daughter's bond with her father. Dads, thank you for everything you do. Happy Father's Day!

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by Elise Jones | 6/20/2021