Family road trip survival 101

Tis the season of long car rides to the beach or visit your cousins. You probably have a love-hate relationship with being crammed into a car with the fam so we've rounded up the top tips to help you survive those seemingly endless drives.  

Bring games.
When things get a little restless, a good game can always keep everyone laughing. Bring a classic like UNO for an easy and fun way to keep the the sibs occupied in the backseat. 

Make a playlist. 
Load it with all of your favorite jams. Make sure to include a few throwbacks for your parents if the whole car is listening so they can enjoy it, too.

Wear comfy clothes.
Oversized T-shirts and yoga pants for the win! Layering is key especially if Dad loves to crank the AC so pack a sweatshirt.

Sleep it off.
The easiest way to pass the time? Take a nice long nap. This is great if you easily get carsick, too.  

Play "sweet or sour." 
Make faces and wave at people in cars as they pass by. If they smile and wave back, they're sweet, but if they look confused or don't wave back, they're sour. Your little bro will *love* this game.  

Pack plenty of snacks.
There isn't always that much time to stop for meals when you have a long drive ahead of you. Or maybe you all get hungry at different times and even though you want to stop for lunch, no one else does. Pack some of your favorite bites in a small bag to take with you to avoid getting hangry.  

Bring a good book.
Sometimes being around everyone constantly can get a little overwhelming. Find a good book to curl up with so you can escape from the chaos while you're on the trip. 

Take tons of pictures.
Sneak a funny video of Mom snoring and take goofy selfies with your sisters. When you get home after the trip, make a scrapbook of all your photos.

Are you going on any long car rides? Tell us how your survive below! 

by Sydney Haywood | 7/4/2017
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