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    You *need* to enter this Siren Song fan art contest

    The final book in Mary Weber's Storm Siren trilogy is finally out, and we couldn't be more excited to grab our own copy of Siren's Song. In the meantime, though, we've got something we're even more excited for: The Siren's...

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    This teen author is seriously inspiring

    All of your favorite books feature teens as characters—but how many of them are actually written by teens? Sophia Whittemore, author of the recently published book The Funnyman, used to ask herself this question. We talked to the 17-year-old author...

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    Get swept away by Tell the Wind and Fire

    What it is: Based loosely on Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities, Tell the Wind and Fire presents Light and Dark, two sides of a fantastical New York City that could not be more different. The Light, where protagonist Lucie...

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    Happy eleventh birthday...again?

    A not-so-happy birthday Amanda's eleventh birthday should have been the best one yet. After all, it was her first time not having to share the spotlight with her ex-best friend Leo. Except…it wasn't. And not only because everybody wanted to...