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2 HOURS AGO Who else is *so* ready for #Thanksgiving tomorrow? This is a sneak peek of us in like fourteen hours:

3 HOURS AGO We're thankful for our family + friends... and @taylorswift13. Who are you grateful for?

4 HOURS AGO #QUIZ! Has your crush noticed you?


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Sneak a peek at our awesome December/January issue starring Sabrina Carpenter!




Here's a sneak peek at all the surprises in our new issue…On sale and landing in mailboxes starting on Nov. 24!  




EXCLUSIVE! Girl Meets World star Sabrina Carpenter spills on co-star shananigans (hint: they often involve singing), what it *really* means to have a bay-window bonding sesh and how she got started on her path to stardom. Girl is seriously inspiring.






Slay, girl, slay. 

Um, literally. The sweet stars of creepy-cool slasher flick #Horror sparkle and shine in shimmery party get-ups. Dazzle, dazzle, darling.





The 16 things we can't live without in 2016

Upgrade your beauty bag with pretty new glosses, sweet perfumes and the best hair ties we've ever tried. Seriously, they're that good.





Up your mane game

Super easy styles for all your holiday soirees, cute ways to add shine and a DIY tress treatment that's dreamy for chilly days. Plus, the three unexpected hair shades we're obsessed with this year.






Give the gift of *you* this season. Here's why living in the moment during the holidays will seriously spread the cheer (bonus: It's fast, free and actually life-changing). Need a gift-gift? We have tons of cute DIYs that you can make right this second.







We know you know that Instagram is *not* all real. So here's how to deal when it seems like everyone else's life is sparkling like freshly-fallen snow...and yours is more of a blizzard of stress and family drama. Balance is possible, babe.






31 ways to have your fittest year yet

Skip the gym, have fun and feel your best. These are the small steps you need to make major changes. Fill up that water bottle and get ready to sweat it out.





Crush-mas Cheer

Pucker up! Your 12-day plan for getting the guy...before the clock strikes midnight on NYE. 




Let's get real

GL girls spill on how they found what *really* matters most to them—and how you can connect to something bigger, too. 





PLUSTons of ways to make 2016 the year of Y-O-U…no resolutions required. In fact, we're spilling on why you shouldn't even bother with a rezzie in the first place.





That's a wrap
Deck the halls this December with our Holiday Hits giveaway! Check back every day for gorgeous gifts—and to enter for our seriously fab grand prize, an all-in-one tablet from AOC. Check out the full calendar HERE to see how to enter.





New year, new you!

Kick off 2016 right with tons of fantastic fitness finds, including a huge pack of workout wear and get-fit gear from Get the calendar HERE for entry details.


Website mentions in December/January 2016:       
*Don't see your link below? Hang tight and check back in next week! 


Page 18: Make *history* this holiday season in Victorian classics
Page 20: Ditch the dress: How to shimmer and shine in bold bottoms
Page 29: Make your mane sparkle with these awesome accessories
Page 34: Do the splits! Plus, more get-fit tips

Page 38-39: Get it, give it, win it! It's our Holiday Gift Giveaway
Page 68: Keep it cool with the tastiest winter smoothies

Page 68: Bust workout boredom with these 3 interval workouts
Page 79: See into the future with GL's spectacular Star Signs




So where'd you take your GL?  
Pose with your new issue (or snap a selfie) and it could appear in our next issue! Just tag it with @girlslifemag and #GLgirl on Twitter or Instagram, or post it right here in the comments.

A quick note from the editors...
You asked...and we listened!

GL girls have spoken—and you want to see yourself (and more real girls, like you!) in the magazine. Well, we listened—and we've come up with tons of tiny ways that Y-O-U can appear on our next set of pages. Feel free to be creative, too—we want to see how you're living the life of a true GL girl, so share your pictures and thoughts on all things GL by tagging #GLgirl and @girlslifemag on Instagram or Twitter. Not on social media? Just post your thoughts and photos right here in the comments!


Olivia Holt Image Credit: Marissa Marino


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Happy Thanksgiving! What is one wish you are making on that wonderful wishbone this year?


Dazzle this season with decorations from Duck Tape!



'Tis the season for holiday crafting—and these are seriously cute! CLICK HERE to get the how-to for our five festive favorites.

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