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Welcome to GL’s new giveaway page, where you’ll find tons of fab stuff that’s 100% F-R-E-E. Take a peek at everything that’s up for grabs right now below—and remember to keep checking back, as we’ll be updating often with exciting new stuff to score.

Win Sabrina's personalized picks from Aéropostale!
Chloe's Book Club
Win a merch pack including books + movie tix!
WIN! 4 tix to Arthur Ashe Kids' Day 2018
Music + tennis = love! Two courtside cuties will win 4 tix.
Backstage Pass 2018
Top tomes and great games—for the *ultimate* in entertainment!
WIN! Lip Smacker lip balms
Yummy BTS balms from Lip Smacker for every day of the school week
WIN! Phoebe James charm backpack
Rock a *charming* grid backpack from Phoebe James.
WIN! Minnidip Watermelon pool
The watermelon pool from Minnidip is Insta-goals
WIN! Snap't Heart Halves bracelets
Surprise your BFF with Snap’t Heart Halves bracelets
WIN! Truly Clear soap
Stop hormonal acne with Truly Clear soap. Perf for #nofilter moments.
WIN! Luv Surf hat
BRB, spending the day waterside. Beach hair? Don’t care! Hat from Luv Surf.
WIN! Charmfril iPhone case
Add colorful charms to your case with Charmfril iPhone cases.
WIN! Kiss ImPress manis & pedis
Press and go with ImPress manis & pedis from Kiss. XOXO.
WIN! Minnidip donut pool
*Donut* know about you, but we’ll be lounging in this Minnidip pool.
WIN! Playtex Sport compact tampons
Playtex Sport compact tampons fit perfectly in your gym bag.
WIN! Clio Palmperfect electric shaver
Stay smooth with Clio’s Palmperfect electric shaver.
Win! An ice cream social for you and your besties
Win! An ice cream social for you and your besties