Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, I really want to study abroad but what about cost and homesickness?"

Dear Carol,

I’m almost 16 and I want to study abroad and experience a new culture. I know it’s expensive but I’m going to apply for a job and I could save up money for plane tickets and other costs. But I feel like I would miss my family so much!

- Study Abroad

Dear Study Abroad,
I went to a public school up until 12th grade and then I flew to France and lived with une famille française with a program called School Year Abroad ( Fantastique! Formidable! Ask your school advisor to help you find study abroad programs whether you want to go for a summer, semester or a whole year. Many offer financial aid. Did I miss my parents? Yes, I definitely did. But we stayed in touch and before I knew it, it was time to fly home. In short, I hope you can find a way to travel while you’re still a student. Bon voyage.

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by Dear Carol | 6/2/2018